High Quality 4 Glass Door Rose Gold Beverage Cooler

High Quality 4 Glass Door Rose Gold Display Refrigerators

High Quality 4 Glass Door Rose Gold Display Refrigerators

Commercial Beverage Fridge – High Quality 4 Glass Door Rose Gold Beverage Cooler

FOB Reference Price:
1 – 7                            >=8
US $1692.00              US $1600.00

Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                  Huang Pu,Guangzhou,China

Sometimes, the stores and supermarkets need even more efficiency and space for keeping more stuff and huge and large batches of beverages and stuff. The glass doors are tempered and the vertical arrangement of this special chiller helps to make it easy for the people to quickly and locate the goods and products, especially in the case of large and huge batch. The fridge has four glass doors, so it is very easy and convenient to use and sort it all out. The machine is a real energy saver as well as space saver, which makes it the most perfect choice of all other refrigerators. You can store all, different kinds of beverages, so it can be safely said that it is compatible with all kinds of products!

Some special features include:

  1. The fridge comes with five shelves which are of full width and which seek to give you plenty of customizable space for different sized containers. It also has a light box at the top, which is actually useful.
  2. It contains LED lighting for energy saving. Also, it requires small floor space as well. A real multi-saver!
  3. The top-mounted removable/interchangeable refrigeration system allows for easy swap or upgrades in the future.
  4. The fridge contains built-in evaporation tray for efficient disposal of condensate water.
  5. A durable EBM fans system ensures even circulation throughout the cabinet. It has a digital temperature display and control, making it the most ideal option for people while choosing refrigerators.
  6. Balanced refrigeration system with Secop™ Compressor, R410A refrigerant and high density polyurethane insulation


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