Looking For Reliable Commercial Beverage Fridge At Competitive Price?

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Best Sell

High Quality 2 Glass Door Rose Gold Display Refrigerators

Present your customers with an organized selection with the display of a double door refrigerator. Fitted with tempered glass panels, the outward swinging doors allow others to see what's inside without opening. Enhanced with a rose gold finish, this fridge makes a fine choice for high end cafes and coffee shops.

High Quality 3 Glass Door Rose Gold Glass Door Fridge

Displaying 3 vertical side-by-side sections each supplemented with a tempered glass panel, our triple door chiller allows you to showcase a large assortment for your customers to choose from. Upgraded with a rose gold finish, this large commercial fridge is ideal for bistros, coffee houses, juice bars and convenience stores.

Luxurious 4 Door Glass Black Titanium Gold Commercial Refrigerator

Store owners with a range of chilled items to offer choose our 4 door chiller because it offers just the right amount of room to neatly display beverage containers of all sizes. Equipped with tempered glass and made out of durable black titanium, the swinging doors are stealthy enough to handle regular commercial use.

Luxurious 5 Door Glass Black Titanium Gold Commercial Refrigerator

Provide your customers with something refreshing to drink by displaying and stocking our 5 door vertical chiller. Offering ample room, this commercial fridge is recommended for large scale cafeterias, beer gardens and self-serve casual dining establishments. The doors are fitted with tempered glass and made out of titanium steel, so the refrigerator is durably and reliably strong.